Cake Creation

On the weekend I attempted my first full cake! This is a step up from cupcakes and smaller desserts I have previously baked and a quest which proved to be much more time consuming.

I recently went to a demo at Bake Boss and learnt how to make chocolate sails, shards and bark, so I wanted to put these new skills to the test to decorate the cake. I decided on a mud cake as I thought this would be the most stable type of cake to decorate and to push chocolate into. There are many variations of a mud cake, some using milk to melt in with the butter and sugar, others using water, and some using neither. I decided to go with a recipe using milk as it makes sense this would be the most creamy and dense recipe, and without the milk or water the recipes just seemed to be regular cake rather than mud cake.

It was a long process with the cake taking one hour and fifteen minutes to bake, phew! And then I swear it took another hour to cool, I even put it in the freezer for 10 minutes and it was still warm in the centre.

I used a recipe from the Cadbury website for a chocolate ganahce which called for microwaving the cream and chocolate for 2 minutes. After this the texture was far too runny, so I popped it in the fridge for 20 minutes, then I whipped it but the chocolate must have seized because it was a lumpy mess. I dumped this in the bin and since I was out of chocolate I decided to cover the cake in whipped pure cream instead, probably a good thing to balance out all the chocolate this cake had going on!

I made marbled chocolate shards for around the cake and a chocolate sail to top the cake, I’m pretty happy with the outcome for a first attempt!



What is your favourite mud cake recipe, let me know in the comments?

Xx Tess




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