Celebration Cupcakes

How was your weekend? I spent Saturday getting (legally) married to the most amazing, caring man, and what better way to celebrate than with cake! I say legally because we’re having a destination wedding and found it easier to get legally married in Australia before our trip. Anyways… back to cake! My then fiance’s request? Red Velvet Cupcakes to which I happily obliged, although the recipe did seem daunting with ingredients I’m not used to baking with, such as vinegar and buttermilk, but I thought “why not!”

I wanted to bake these cupcakes and have them ready for presentation to our family on Saturday, so I needed to bake them Friday night. With my local Bake Boss only being open while I work, I sent my then fiance/now husband (gosh this is confusing) off to collect a few bits and pieces for me. I called the store and requested individual pink cupcake boxes, a Wilton 1M piping tip and baking cups, I said my Husband would be in to pick them up later in the day, I felt a bit naughty referring to my fiance as Husband, but it was the best white lie I’ve ever told.

So Friday night I had everything I needed and begun baking. The cupcakes came up nicely, unfortunately my baking tray isn’t perfectly flat, so some cupcakes were crooked, but those are the ones I got to snack on! The Red Velvet cupcakes tasted nice and balanced, with less sugar than my traditional cupcakes, meaning I can eat WAY more before I feel regretful.


Next step, the cream cheese frosting, I followed the instructions to the dot. After combining all the frosting ingredients it called for a minute of beating on low, followed by 3 minutes beating at medium high until light and fluffy, about half way through beating it was already runny and I sensed I had over beaten it, but I desperately mixed on hoping light and fluffy would magically appear like the recipe promised… It didn’t. I think I even made it worse. At 8:30pm I had searched, ‘beating went runny’ and all the results mentioned cream cheese, so obviously it’s not just me, please tell me its not just me?!.. Skip to 10 o’clock at night and there was no saving my runny cream cheese frosting. I added a bit of cornflour and popped it in the fridge overnight, but worried even if cooling it gets me a piping consistency it will just melt again when it reaches room temperature upon serving….


Thats what I get for following a recipe so meticulously, next time I’ll stick to my gut feeling! The recipe also called for room temperature cream cheese which I’ve since read is incorrect, and it should be chilled. I just wanted easy yummy cake, that’s my motto! So the next morning to save my frosting I used a packet Green’s frosting mix which I had in the cupboard, because surely I couldn’t stuff up a packet frosting?!


So I follow the box instructions and realise this packet mix seems to be just icing sugar, and it asks me to add butter and milk, so this seems to be a regular buttercream, well gosh I can make buttercream! Besides, the packet mix made enough frosting for like.. one cupcake, so onto my THIRD batch of frosting, but who’s keeping count, I made a large batch of my traditional american buttercream, added the greens frosting mix to it because rules were out the window at this point, and then proceeded to add a few tablespoons of my sloppy cream cheese frosting for taste.

VOILA! it worked!


I finally had the correct consistency, I wouldn’t have even cared about taste a this point but it did taste fine and it did taste slightly of cream cheese, so that was good enough for me, I had my wedding to get to! I piped the cupcakes using the Wilton 1M tip, the first time I’ve used it and i was impressed with the shape. I sprinkled them with “Over the Top” love hearts.



I was going to share the recipe that I used but I believe there are much better ones out there, do you have a great red velvet recipe? Let me know in the comments.

Xx Tess



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