Blending the Best Buttercream

Today I’ve been experimenting with buttercream, funny because I actually hate getting butter on me, I find you have to wash your hands at least 5 times to get the smell off!

Did you know there are SIX types of buttercream?! I didn’t.

  • American buttercream
  • Flour buttercream
  • French buttercream
  • German buttercream
  • Italian buttercream
  • Swiss buttercream

The last batch of buttercream I made tasted delicious, I used a traditional american buttercream recipe, but I found it buckled a bit under the Australian heat, mind you I was buckling too! So I did a quick online search for a solution to my problem, and found one woman who swore by the following rule: 1 parts butter to 3 parts icing sugar. The theory being, the less butter, the less likely it is to melt. So today I set out to test this rule, taking my normal amount of butter and upping my icing sugar to match this three times over.

The first thing I noticed was the buttercream did not appear as silky as normal even though it was finely sifted and added in gradually. I took a quick lick of my spoon and all seemed well taste wise and it was definitely holding up in the heat better! So I topped my cupcakes and offered one to my mum, my sister and my fiancé, and of course one for myself. I peeled back the bright pink patty pan and took a bite…. It was honestly so sickly, the small lick of the spoon was entirely different to a mouthful, I gave it another bite and my sugar headache was immediate, it still aches as I write this now!

It was not a success, but I know I can count on my traditional american buttercream recipe to be a crowd pleaser, and maybe that means turning the air conditioner on for now, knowing it will hold just fine once this crazy heatwave of a summer ends! For my traditional american buttercream recipe click here.
Disclaimer, i take no responsibility for it drooping in temps above 30 degrees HAH!

What’s your favourite type of buttercream? Do you have the perfect recipe? Let me know in the comments.

Xx Tess


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