Chasing Cupcake Cups

Cupcake cups, I’ve always referred to them as patty pans, although I suppose I don’t put patty’s in them…

Thin cups of paper for baking cake batter, the ones you always seem to have in the far back of your pantry. Well, you think they would be a) cheap, and b) easy to find *in a specific colour. Last night was late night shopping and I had prepared my list, prepared my wallet and prepared my fiance, ensuring he had plenty of warning for what was in store for the night…. Patty pans, or so I thought.

Our destination, Spotlight. I wandered the store looking for the cake decorating section, and found some items but was convinced I must be missing where the rest of it was because surely this was not all they had to offer?! Rainbow and pirate patty pans! I had simple requests, white patty pans for a simple base that does not distract from the decoration, and red patty pans for red velvet cupcakes. I searched high and low, and bless him so did my fiance, but none in sight. Next stop, Woolworth’s. Nope. Only rainbow again. Next stop, Stacks Variety. Lovely gold patty pans, no white or red. Note fiance is still eagerly helping me look, he’s so sweet. Next stop, the reject shop. Red spotty patty pans, I’m getting close! But nope. Okay, one more shop, Big W, I spot a mixed pack with 10 white and 10 red patty pans among others, and my heart beat quickens with excitement, but at $12 for the packet it’s a bit steep for only getting 20 of the colours I need! I would’ve tried the next shop but my fiance had been a good sport, 2.5 hours searching for patty pans I’m sure is any mans limit.

Jumped on the computer when I got home and found 100 white patty pans for $1.67 with free shipping from eBay, and $1.35 for 50 red! Always worth a look online, but I had a fun evening shopping anyways and enjoyed the enthusiasm my fiance showed for my baking. Now to wait 3-4 weeks for them to arrive in the mail.

Tell me in the comments, what do you call patty pans? And who’s your go to supplier for all things cake?

Xx Tess


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